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The Credit Group is a professional organization that delivers on its promise to improve your credit status.  -Dale Holness


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My credit was destroyed after I divorced my husband in 2009. I tried my best to get it back on track, but the process was too tedious and my creditors were unwilling to work with me in an amicable settlement. I contacted The Credit Group, Inc. to negotiate the my terms and they did a great job. Now my once 433 score is up to 740. Because of that I was able to purchase my dream home and luxury BMW 5 Series on my own. I'm happy about two things, one that I divorced that loser and two I won when I found The Credit Group, Inc. Thanks Credit Group, you have helped to change my life for the better.

Attallah Bloodsaw
Atlanta, Georgia


I am writing this letter to thank everyone for helping me with my credit problems. The Credit Specialist that worked with me were very professional and courteous. They did a great job negotiating on my behalf and getting the best possible deal with the collections agencies I owed. Our goal was to get me approved for a FHA loan and a decent credit card with a high enough limit for business expenses. They were able to get my credit score from the mid to upper 500's to mid 600's in about 4 months. Believe me when I say "they worked hard to achieve that goal". We first spoke at the end of April '08. I closed on my house with a FHA loan at the end of August '08. I was approved for a credit card with a credit limit high enough to cover any travel expense. If you're hesitant of using The Credit Group, Inc. don't be. They will do everything they can within the law to get your credit score where it needs to be. I highly recommend Joma Mcleod and her team at The Credit Group, Inc. Again, thanks to everyone who was involved with my case.

Joseph L. Adams


The Credit Group, Inc. has helped me get back my life. My credit was in trouble, as I had been turned down for numerous applications and was depressed. A friend gave me The Credit Group, Inc's information and I was lucky enough to talk to Joma and have her sweet nature support me through the clean-up process. The process took a few months and I was back on track. My credit is great now, all my applications go through and am looking to purchase my first home. Thank you Joma.

Mara Schiavetti
Brooklyn, NY


It was a great experience working with The Credit Group, Inc. I recommend their services without hesitation. They cleaned up my credit and got us pre-approved for a loan. They readily understood what my family and I were going through. We did exactly what they told us to do in order to clean up our credit. Unlike other debt settlement companies I’ve dealt with, there was no trick or insider lingo to intimidate us. It was all straightforward, we knew what we were getting, the cost was fair, and we got exactly what we wanted, in a timely manner.

Miramar, Florida