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The Credit Group will help you improve your credit score, rebuild your credit, and acheive financial freedom.
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The Credit Group is a professional organization that delivers on its promise to improve your credit status.  -Dale Holness


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Soldiers And Sailors Civil Relief ActThe SSCRA Soldiers and Sailors Civil Rights Act of 1940 was signed by President Bush in December 2003. This law was in place to protect the economics and rights of active duty civilians. So many times we see collection agencies, banking institutions as well as credit bureaus that place derogatory information on consumers credit reports. Now here you have it, for families that are being affected by service members that are serving overseas while not being able to pay your bills on time because you're serving our country. Not able to communicate with you or your significant other because you're overseas on duty.
This is why this act was in placed to prevent banking industries, mortgage companies, credit card companies, auto dealerships, financial companies from placing negative marks on your credit report and to provide the lowest interest rate possible to consumers of active duty. It also protects your credit which is so important because when they are home they will continue to have a life that they need to live and credit in today's market is super important. Credit began 50 years ago, we all rely on this information and credit will continue to live in a day to day life. So for those families that have an active duty family member bring them aware of this law that can change their life and allow this law to be used for you and your family.
You may qualify for :

Reduced interest rate on mortgage payments.

Reduced interest rate on credit card debt.

Protection from eviction if your rent is $1,200 or less.

Delay of all civil court actions, such as bankruptcy, foreclosure or divorce proceedings.

The Credit Group is the leading national consumer protection agency and helping families to better their lives, better their credit and become financially free.

Individual cases may vary. The Credit Group has professional experience with credit rebuilding. As a result, consumers can experience reduction of interest rates. The Credit Group has helped clients with; Bank Levies, Wage Garnishments, Collection Accounts, Cloned Accounts, and Identity Protection. Signup now to start fixing your credit.

America operates on credit. And, as you probably know there are three major credit bureaus. Each credit bureau assigns a score to every individual's credit file. The score is used to judge your ability to repay credit. It's an unfair system, but it's the only way for the government to separate the GOOD credit from the BAD credit. Unfortunately, if your credit is less than perfect, you will either be denied credit or pay a higher interest rate. Let The Credit Group help you improve your credit score,rebuild your credit, and acheive financial freedom.