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The Credit Group will help you improve your credit score, rebuild your credit, and acheive financial freedom.
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The Credit Group is a professional organization that delivers on its promise to improve your credit status.  -Dale Holness


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Bankruptcy as a Credit Repair Option | The Credit Group


Bankruptcy as a Credit Repair Option


Bankruptcy as a Credit Repair Option. Being placed back on the road to financial freedom doesn't always involve credit repair or debt settlement options. Involuntary circumstances sometimes provides us with the only option of "Bankruptcy". Bankruptcy helps those who can no longer pay their debts allowing them to get a fresh start by liquidating assets to pay their debts or by creating a repayment plan. Bankruptcy laws also protects financially troubled businesses. According to The Unites States Department of Justice there are (2) courses that must be completed when filing for Bankruptcy.

  • Credit Counseling (Prior to filing Bankruptcy)
  • Debtors Education ( After filing Bankruptcy)

Both classes can be completed thru our website.

Register For Both Classes Here.

Please consult with an attorney before making any decisions regarding Bankruptcy.

Individual cases may vary. The Credit Group has professional experience with credit rebuilding. As a result, consumers can experience reduction of interest rates. The Credit Group has helped clients with; Bank Levies, Wage Garnishments, Collection Accounts, Cloned Accounts, and Identity Protection. Signup now to start fixing your credit.

America operates on credit. And, as you probably know there are three major credit bureaus. Each credit bureau assigns a score to every individual's credit file. The score is used to judge your ability to repay credit. It's an unfair system, but it's the only way for the government to separate the GOOD credit from the BAD credit. Unfortunately, if your credit is less than perfect, you will either be denied credit or pay a higher interest rate. Let The Credit Group help you improve your credit score,rebuild your credit, and acheive financial freedom.